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Concierge U.S. Immigration Services Worldwide

Full-Service Immigration Solutions


No matter where you are on the map, Denizen Immigration is dedicated to providing comprehensive immigration solutions tailored to your unique needs. Denizen Immigration takes pride in our extensive international reach, with capability to practice U.S. immigration law in all 50 states of the USA and in all consulates of the world positions us as a versatile and accessible resource.


"Hope and dreams know no borders; they migrate freely."



​Citizens and Greencard Holders


Our Vision

Our name is more than just a title; it's a representation of our mission and vision. A denizen is someone who enjoys the rights and privileges of living and working in a country that is not their place of birth. We facilitate this transformative process for individuals and businesses, and are dedicated to making this vision a reality, one denizen at a time.


Our Committment

Navigating the U.S. immigration system is difficult. Denizen Immigration is committed to:


* empower our clients to make informed decisions;

* collaborate to create bespoke, custom strategies;

* implement these strategies to the highest standard; and

* provide sustained support throughout the journey.

Why Denizen?

Tailor-made immigration services to meet your unique needs

Concierge services, with VIP access, and ongoing support

​Holistic approach with comprehensive solutions

Virtual law firm allows us to assist you wherever you are

Your Trusted Denizen

Meet our Founder 


With a distinguished two-decade career in immigration law, founding attorney Mia Giacomazzi has extensive immigration expertise.  She offers a comprehensive skill set that spans the spectrum of non-immigrant and immigrant visas, buttressed by her past experience in federal civil, criminal, and appellate law. With a distinguished background that includes government service, legal education, and private practice, Ms. Giacomazzi brings a wealth of experience to the table to offer a holistic approach to her immigration practice, which includes compresensive advice, creative solutions, and case management.


Passionate about immigration law on both a professional and personal level, she proudly identifies as a denizen of the world. She is a U.S. citizen and E.U. permanent resident. She qualifies for Indian Overseas Citizenship (OCI) and Italian citizenship. Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, she works remotely in Europe for clients in the USA and across the globe, transcending geographical boundaries to provide seamless and personalized service. Moreover, her upbringing in the dairy and farm country of Central California, which relies on immigration labor to provide food and milk to the U.S. and world, taught her at an early age the importance and impact of immigration in the United States.


This unique blend of legal expertise and personal immigration experience positions Ms. Giacomazzi as an adept and forward-thinking professional in the dynamic landscape of immigration law.

Become a Denizen 

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